Snap Fitness Member Offer
  • You must present your Snap Fitness card at each appointment in order to receive the discount

  • Please mention the offer when booking your initial appointment (if you haven't been to the clinic before)

  • You are still eligible for the 25% & 50% loyalty card discounts but in this instance the discount will apply to your Snap Fitness offer price and will not be a combined discount

  • The discount only applies to sports massage therapy treatment sessions and not any products that you may purchase from the clinic

  • Revive Sports Massage Therapy reserves the right to terminate the offer at any time; in this instance notice will be given to all participants 

Privacy Policy

How is data collected?

Your initial data is collected via the information you provide on the paper form you fill out during your first appointment at the clinic. At each visit the treating therapist will make notes relating to your treatment and any information you provide; in paper form.


What data is collected, how is it used & why do we collect it?

We collect your contact details (name, address, email address & phone number) in order for the clinic to be able to contact you regarding your appointments and treatment. This includes (but is not limited to) appointment reminders, if any changes need to made to your scheduled appointment time, to send you exercise or advice sheets and if we need to invoice you for any charges. We may also contact you with relevant offers, updates and information regarding the clinic if you have given us permission. 

We collect other personal information (DOB, occupation, medical information and treatment session notes) in order to ensure that you receive appropriate and specific treatment and advice during your visits to the clinic.


How & where is data stored?

Data is stored in paper form in a locked filing cabinet behind a locked door within a secure building. Your basic details (name, address, email address, phone number(s) & D.O.B) are transferred onto an excel document and stored on a password protected laptop that is secured with a firewall and virus and spyware protection.


How long is data kept?

In accordance with our Balens Health Professionals Policy, underwritten by Zurich Insurance PLC, we must keep patient records for 7 years following their last treatment session at the clinic. For minors records are kept for 7 years after they turn 18 years of age.


How is data deleted?

After these 7 years your data will be deleted from the laptop and your paper records destroyed.


How is consent gained?

Your consent is gained when you tick the boxes and sign the paper form given during your first appointment at the clinic. If boxes are left un-ticked this will be taken as no consent. For minors under the age of 18 consent must be from an appropriate adult.


What are your rights?

You have the right to request to access your data at any time and for any corrections to be made. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. You have the right to raise any issues you may have with the way we handle your data with the ICO.

NHS Track & Trace – COVID-19 Update

To support the use of the NHS Track & Trace service during the COVID-19 pandemic I will be required to share contact details of any relevant patients should I test positive for COVID-19. I will only share necessary details and with no-one other than the NHS service. 


Cancellation Policy
  • Failure to attend a pre-booked appointment with no prior notice or any appointment cancellations within 2 hours of the booked session start time will result in a fee

  • Our current fee is 25% of the total cost of your booked session (Revive Sports Massage Therapy reserves the right to amend this fee at any time; in this instance notice will be given)

  • This fee will be payable before you are able to book a new appointment (a payment link will be sent to you via email or text)

  • If you require a reminder email for your appointment please specify this at the time of booking

  • Currently the fee will only apply to missed appointments and not late cancellations. 

Loyalty Cards

  • Loyalty stamps will be given following payment of your massage session

  • One stamp will be given per session

  • Stamps cannot be backdated so please ensure you bring your card in order to receive your stamp

  • Stamps will not be given for massage sessions that were won as part of a competition or raffle

  • Stamps will be given for sessions paid for using a pre-paid voucher

  • On your 5th visit you will receive 25% off the total of that session

  • On your 10th visit you will receive 50% off the total of that session

  • Loyalty cards must be presented in order to claim your discount

  • Loyalty cards are not transferable between patients

  • Loyalty cards have no cash value

  • You may not redeem your discount in conjunction with any other discount that you may have acquired (for example through a promotion or competition)