Possible Benefits
  • Increased flexibility & mobility

  • Stretching & mobilisation of soft tissues

  • Loosening & breakdown of soft tissue adhesions 

  • Decreased scar tissue formation

  • Reduced muscular tension

  • Relief of muscular spasms

  • Relaxation (physically & mentally)

  • Improved circulation

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Pain relief & reduced perception of pain

  • Encouragement of the healing process

  • Improved posture 

  • Reduced muscular imbalances

  • Improved mental well-being

  • Reduction of headaches (if related to muscular tension)

  • Reduced stress/anxiety levels

  • Increased mental preparation &  confidence 

  • Improved permformace 

  • A sports massage will involve specialised techniques used to manipulate targeted soft tissues within the body. This will have differing effects dependent upon the objective of the massage. 

  • Sports massage can be beneficial from a preparatory, maintenance or recovery perspective. For example if you train regularly throughout the week scheduling regular massages could help you recover quicker and more efficiently between sessions. If you have a particular area that often gives you those bothersome niggles then a massage could be what is needed to keep them at bay. If you have specific events throughout the year then receiving a massage prior to them could be of beneficial addition to your preparation routine. Equally, if after an event you find yourself struggling to get down the stairs then a sports massage may be what you need to get back to normal quicker!

  • The overall aim of sports massage is to aid in the restoration or enhancement of optimal condition.

  • Sports massage can also assist with injury and/or post-operative rehabilitation and is often used as a supplementary treatment modality to promote recovery.

  • Sports massage is a great injury prevention tool for those who regularly participate in physical activity and often in those who are undertaking new activities. 

  • The benefits of regular sports massage are vast and will vary depending on the purpose of your massage and between individuals. Please see opposite for some of the general benefits that can be gained.

  • If you would like any further information please do get in touch.

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